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cloning back from Sandbox

Both for info in a post and from the docs, it seems possible to clone back from the Sandbox, by selecting "Backup - all files" and "Smart Update".

I've been doing this to save time so I don't need to apply all the changes to Macintosh HD that I had applied to the Sandbox.

From time to time, I'd install a new app, and I'd install it to the Macintosh HD Applications folder, and then make an alias to it in the Sandbox's Application folder. To my dismay, when I cloned back from Sandbox to Macintosh HD, what I got were copies of the aliases!

So, do I understand this right about how SD! works when cloning back from a Sandbox using "Backup - all files" and "Smart Update":

1. When SD! encounters the symlinks in the Sandbox Application folder, it does NOT copy the symlinks but leaves the corresponding real app in the Mac HD App folder alone
2. When SD! encounters one of the manually created aliases I created in the Sandbox App folder, it merrily copies the alias, overwriting the corresponding application in the Mac HD folder

Do I have this correct? That seems to be what occurred this evening.
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