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In a Pickle - ways to avoid the nuclear restore option

Dave - huge fan of your product and I promote it shamelessly all over the net and in our company.

That said, I'm here to ask your advice - something I haven't had to do to this point because your product works so intuitively and ... works! I am humbled for any light you can shed on my best options.

I'm in a bit of a pickle. Here is the short version of the story:

-spilled coffee on my 2.4 dual core MacBookPro... BRILLIANT!

-immediately shut down, vacuumed and dried

-on restart the next day, it worked but keyboard was shot - external keyboard worked fine - at this point i said "i should do my backup - fast"

-Backing up with SD! gave me the i/o errors.. frustratingly, i get 90% of the way there before it fails. I searched all over this forum, and found that likely I have bad data on my disk based on yours and others posts (duh, right? water + electronics).

-I did a full disk repair, booted from install CD... the works (same problem)

-Bought and ran Socks... (same problem)

-Bought and ran DiskWarrior (confirms - some system files are hosed... not good eh?)

-Now the keyboard is starting to act up, some keys just constantly repeat... so my time is running out.


In the process of panicing, I've been able to (apparently) copy of the following to an external HD:

-Mail files (40GB) and settings
-iTunes folder
-Work Documents

In short... I'm "just" looking at a new keyboard, hard drive and a new clean install... BUT before I do that... are there any other options I should explore so I don't have to chase down installers, updaters...

What should I do next or... last before this nuclear option?

Would archive-and-reinstall be an idea worth persuing, or am I just going to get into more and more trouble trying to save the applications on this soggy hard drive?


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