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Destination sparse image greyed out?

I created a new sparse image with SuperDuper 4 days ago and I used it once already to restore my system so I know it's good. Since then I decided to create a Sandbox on another partition of my backup drive and used the "Shared users and applications" script to create it. It booted without issues.

Today I backed up to the Sandbox and that worked fine (and quick!). I also decided to update my sparse image, but now the image I created is greyed out in the "to" box and if I navigate to the image, it's greyed out in finder and I can't select it. I've checked permissions and it all seems fine. I can no longer select it in Disk Utility as a recovery source either.

I'd rather update the sparse image than spend another couple of hours creating a new image. I'd really like to understand what changed. Thanks for any help.
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