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clones, dupe apps, open with, launch services, shell scripts

This issue of duplicate apps appearing in Open With... menus is really quite bothersome to me, too. Does anyone know how long it takes for the system to realize that applications are sitting there on your cloned volume? I currently have 1 partition of a firewire drive housing a clone of my Users folder, and I hate having to always unmount it manually so I can keep the use media files on the other (much larger) partition. I have a ~/Applications folder where I put most of my non-apple & non-SD!-caliber apps. Eventually, they show up in the Open With... list, and then I have to rebuild launch services db and reboot. Which is bothersome.

I suspect there may be some way to use a shell script after the clone is complete (by way of SD!) to render these app files off limits to the powers that be (launch services et al). How about using a shell script to gzip "/Volumes/FireUsers/Users/~/Applications/*"? Or chmod to turn off access? I know just enough about shells and terminal to get into stupifyingly serious trouble, but that probably won't stop me from trying. I AM getting better...I haven't rm'd my sbin folder in at least a year...

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