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Please add unmount/mount feature!

Please allow me to add my vote for automatic mounting and unmounting of local drives as well.

My wife's iMac is in her office and everything is cloned to an external FireWire drive. I've come in and found the name of the drive changed because of co workers not realizing that they highlighted the drive's name and then started typing. Yeah, I know, what are the odds? It has happened none the less. If the drive would have been unmounted then this couldn't have happened. Plus if the iMac crashes with the clone mounted then there is the chance of data loss. If SD! could mount and unmount then I wouldn't have to worry about this. Finally, I use Timbuktu Pro to work on her iMac from home so I need access to the external drive when I want to work with it. Turning it off isn't an option since I'm doing this remotely. SD! mounting/unmounting would really solve my problems. Please consider it!

Thank you!
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