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Ditto problem

I'm having a "ditto" problem too. SD! works extremely slowly which it didn't do a few days ago. Checking the CPU usage shows me that two processes called "ditto" are using nearly 100% of my CPUs. I quit them and then Norton AntiVirus and VirusBarrier begin to take huge chunks of CPU, but weren't before I killed the dittos. Checking Apple's site for ditto, I learn that it is apparently something built into the OS which allows copying. So, I'm assuming that SD! taps into this to work its magic. Am I correct?

Why would this problem suddenly crop up since everything worked a few days ago?

Things that immediately come to mind are a VirusBarrier update of its virus defs and a system wide crash caused by my 3 year old who turned off the power to my APC unit. However, I immediately rebooted to a bootable iPod and ran DiskWarrior which fixed the drive.

Any thoughts?


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