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automatic initiation of backup when I plugin/mount my external Firefox drive?

I just purchased SuperDuper! as a replacement for BounceBack Pro, which came with my CMS Products external Firefox drive. Kudos to Shirt Pocket for making software which is a breeze to understand and use. SuperDuper! is a breath of fresh air compared to the misery of trying to get BounceBack Pro to work for me.

BounceBack Pro does have one very useful feature that SuperDuper! seems to be missing, however: the ability to kick off a backup the moment I plug in my external Firewire drive. The docs and posts on this forum talk about scheduling backups using an Applescript and cron, but I haven't seen mention of an Applescript for starting a backup upon mount.

I store my external drive off site and back up irregularly, so scheduling a backup doesn't work for me. But since I only use my external drive as a backup drive, when I plug it into my Powerbook, it always means I'm about to initiate a backup. Could SuperDuper! be made to watch for my drive's mount event and kick off a backup when it occurs?
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