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I gather you did not notice -- or chose to ignore -- the first two paragraphs of my earlier reply to you? Dave is simply not going to say anything to you to suggest that you continue to run crash-prone machines in a frequent outage environment without UPS, and he is right.

However, I did try to give you my opinion specifically to the question you have been asking, and I stand by that opinion. So far as I know, SD does not write to the source disk in any major way during a backup. Dave can correct me (and I hope he does) if I am wrong about that.

An unrelated point. You specified that your backups run unattended, and of course, that means that any UPS would have to be large enough (hence very costly) to allow them to finish. Would it be possible for you to alter your routine to run them during hours when you are in attendance? If so, much smaller, cheaper UPS's would suffice (just large enough to allow you time to get to each machine, abort the B/U and shut down.)

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