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Ed--Why don't you just manually quit SD BEFORE logging out to test your backup? Or manually quit it when it is called and appears on the screen during your log out? Obviously of course, you would have to give up restarting from within SD.

Dave--Funny, I thought this was normal behavior for SD. Mine has always (as best I can remember) done it. I log out/reboot relatively infrequently, and 95% of those times SD is not open. When it is, however, it will usually behave the same as Ed is reporting. I guess I just never considered it an issue. I have two or three other appls which also do not like to quit at reboot/log out time, and I just manually quit them (or pounce on them and quit them when they are called during the shutdown process.) I have never used the restart function within SD, but assume it would behave the same way.

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