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SD! saved me (again) but brought back tons of deleted stuff!

2nd hard drive failure in six months, but again SD! to the rescue. Only lost a few days because I'm religious about backing up weekly.

But here's the weird part. I had a 160Gb drive in my laptop, with only 4GB free (ya, I needed a new drive anyway!) Put in a 300GB drive, and I only had 80GB free. what? how could that be? I should have 140 or a bit less with all the 1024 vs. 1000 roundoff error and all that. where did the extra 60GB come from?

I create 2GB of audio every weekend for my podcast so i have to be really careful to delete the aiff files every week so i don't run out of disk. when i looked at what was recovered from the SD! backup, I had about 20GB of old aiff files back in my folders.

so my question is, why is SD! keeping backups of things I've deleted - is that a feature? In my case not a welcome one, because now I'm scrambling trying to find all the applications and old videos and such that make up the rest of that wasted space!

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