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sparseimage mounting problem - resource unavailable


this error message started recently & i don't recall what might be causing it.

i back-up to a sparseimage file on one of our unix servers. for a years, i'd just run it manually. but a few weeks ago, i decided to try the backup as a scheduled back up during the night. it worked fine for a week, but then i've been seeing error message that it hasn't been successful when i come in the morning for a week now.

when i try running the backup manually, the mac mounts the nfs server, but it fails to mount the diskimage file located on the server. when i attempt to mount it from the finder, the finder displays an error message: "disk images couldn't be opened... {filename}.sparseimage - Resource temporarily unavailable. " {filename} is the real file name.

it seems to me that i've seen this before, but don't remember what it is. i searched both the apple discussion forums and also the superduper forums. but the search did not find any matches...

any idea what this problems is?

any idea how to fix it?

i appreciate any suggestions-
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