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Cloning Panther & Intel-Tiger to same drive ?

After years of use of CCCloner this March I acquired the SD licence after reading raving comments on the Australian ADSL bible website Whirlpool which has an Apple section Forum:
I am a terminally SD convert now.

I have used SD with an Ext LaCieDrive(firewire400) that I have partitioned in 3 :

-partition 1 harbouring a bootable clone of my present eMac Panther 10.3.9
-partition 2 for storage
-partition 3 of 80Gig I have kept empty to harbour a bootable clone of my new -soon to be delivered- MacBook.

My Apple store is telling me that I can clone the IntelMacBook with SD on partition 3 but it cannot be a "bootable" one.

could you please confirm that and venture on how I could go about achieving that, or if I have to forget about it and get another dedicated ext DD to backup a bootable clone of my MacBook.

the eMac and the MacBook would never be firewire connected to the HDD at the same time but would read/write partition 2 of storage.

many thank to enlighten me (totally lost)
Tamarama Beach Australia
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