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How to Restore Under Leopard?

I've been having some of the same problems others have had after trying to restore a drive using SD under Leopard -- i.e., severely messed-up permissions on restored drive, etc. (didn't know there were compatibility issues with SD and Leopard). So my question is, what is the best way to try to restore my hard drive to working condition. I have two SD backed-up versions of my drive: one 10.4.10 version from right before I upgraded to Leopard, and one 10.5.1 version from a couple of days ago. When I first ran into trouble with the hard drive on my MBP, I tried doing a clean erase/install of Leopard on my MBP, and then smart-updating from my SD back-up copy (of the 10.5.1 drive). The update goes through, but almost every application I try to open comes up with weird, permission-related error messages. If I go back and do another clean install of Leopard, is there any way to get my applications and user files back onto the restored drive without replicating this permission problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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