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How to avoid FW external hard drives that don't boot! and other thoughts


I have a new 20" iMacIntel and I was looking for a Universal backup
application. I'm glad I waited (and paid) for Super Duper! 2.1. In
short, it just works!

A couple of thoughts. The Users Guide - which is integrated with the
application, a nice touch - notes the desirability of FireWire external
hard drives that do boot (Some don't! Worse. Some claim to and don't!) and mentions a few brands by name - which got me to thinking.

First, MacWorld did a review in September 2005 of external FW hard drives here which
reveals which drives don't boot PowerPC Macs (a revelation to me). While
that URL will become obsolete over time, it may be a good reference for
anyone wanting to get more information.

Second, some of the drive brands recommended in the User's Guide come
boxed with Retrospect Express, a dubious distinction which may add to
the sales price. Some FW external HDs do not come with bundled backup software. I chose a MicroNet miniMate 80 GB FW hard drive to use with my iMacIntel. I did exactly as recommended in the Users Guide. I reformatted it as a GUID drive, and used the Migration Assistant to clone my iMac drive (which had been in turn migrated from my prior PowerPC iMac). Today I used the Smart Update Backup and it updated the external drive perfectly. And it boots! Life is good.

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