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Better backup notification

I almost brought this up many times, the fact that Show log only provides info about the last backup, and was going to suggest allowing access to a log covering a longer period.

Now, after adding a fourth backup drive to my collection, I had to come up with a better solution. It was then I came across the few posts about Growl (which I've used for ages with other apps) and its 'Display Option' MailMe...

So my post is to make others aware that MailMe is not only an easy way to receive notification about which partition you backed up to which disk and when, but if you listen out for emails while having a coffee, you'll know the job is finished and can get back to work

Growl's Mailme notifies my gmail account where its automatically tagged with 'growl', so I can quickly access my backup data whenever I need to look things up.

So much to learn...
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