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Cloning a Leopard installation

Hi All
I wonder if anyone can clear up a couple of questions I have.

Basically, I have a backed up Tiger installation with Super Duper on it, which I used to create a clone of my new Leopard installation (on my internal hard drive) onto another external drive. I've booted to it and everything seems to be working perfectly....Does anyone know if there's any reason why I shouldn't trust this backup?

I'm about to take my Macbook Pro in to have a new (bigger) hard drive put in and I'd like to avoid the hassle of installing Leopard again, so ideally I expect the process to be:

1) Get laptop back with new blank hard drive
2) Boot to Tiger backup on external drive
3) Clone the Leopard backup onto the new internal blank drive
4) Be happy.

Should this be OK as technically, I'm not running Super Duper in Leopard?


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