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A few matters for which I am in need of advice

Just bought SuperDuper! today along with a Western Digital MyBook from Amazon.

I plan to schedule daily backups at 3.00AM. I plan to be asleep when this happens and so I wonít be there to quit all the apps. I donít want to have to quit any apps, anyway. Is this a necessary step? How safe is it to leave everything running during a backup?

Should I create two partitions on the hard drive; one for my bootable backup and a tiny one for other, miscellaneous, temporary uses? Are there any disadvantages to having multiple partitions? Does it make it harder to boot from?

In the Preferences I have Prompt before overwriting data checked, as it is by default. Will I need to uncheck this to allow my iBook to back itself up without any human intervention?

How reliable are SuperDuper! backups? Have there been incidences of backups not being bootable? Are there any checks that can be performed automatically to check the backupís integrity?

Does SuperDuper! backup swap files, temporary files, caches etc., or will I need to manually exclude this sort of stuff?

Sorry for all the questions. I just really want to get a good, solid backup system going.

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