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Speed up iMac 2013 is this the right way?

My iMac 2013 with its 5400 RPM drive is getting slower.

I was thinking about using a Sandbox on a SSD with Share Users option so that Apps and System Files are on the SSD Drive (30Gb in my case)
and I expect faster load times (USB 3.0) while standard access to Documents (mainly small files, iPhoto or iTunes) that I could move to a faster external 7200 RPM 3.5" drive.

Alternative is to clone the internal drive entirely and boot from there even if that option is more expensive as it requires a larger SSD drive (512 GB)

Question 1 : Can the sandbox work that way?
Question 2 : How I can leverage the Time Machine Backup if I boot from SandBox?

Question 3: Sand Box or Clone?

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PS : SuperDuper is great!!!, Maverics here.
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