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a few questions...

greetings. i am expecting a brand new OWC 300GB firewire drive today so i can finally start backing up my precious files. i've put this off way too long and will be relieved when my routine is all set. i haven't purchased SD yet, but i've read the manual and several posts here. i've got a few questions before i dive in...

i've got a G5 and a G4tibook, both running 10.4.2. i have a firewire drive for the laptop and soon will have one for my G5. my first question is: am i allowed to use my copy of SD on both machines?

concentrating on the G5:

when i get my firewire drive, i plan to make 3 partitions so that i can have a bootable backup clone of my entire internal HD, a sandbox, and an archive. since my internal HD is 160GB, and i read that you should add 20% - the backup partition should be about 192GB? then my sandbox should be about 12GB. that leaves me with a little less than 100GB for archival storage. does this sound about right?

also, some day i hope to add another internal drive (a 70GB 10,000rpm raptor), as a boot drive. should i consider this now, or wipe the drive clean and start over when i get that drive? how would you recommend i figure that drive into the backup scheme?

is this how the sandbox works: it's a copy of my system (and shares the apps and files on my internal HD). when a system update is released, i update the sandbox and then use that as my startup disk to test out my rig for a while. once i feel that everything is stable, i can update my internal HD?

SD looks like a fantastic product, and i'm looking forward to a sense off security!

thanks for your help!
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