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Question New User; Problems.

I just purchased a copy of SuperDuper.

I have two problem areas.

1. I created a script to use for back up to a flash drive. I want to only copy current documents and selected user library folders and files. The script is:

Copy users/xxx/documents

Copy users/xxx/library/keychains

Copy users/xxx/library/mail

Copy users/xxx/library/preferences

I do not want to clone or copy any other files.

I created a name for the script and it shows in the "What's Going To Happen" dialog box. The script is named xxx Backup.dset

When I started copying, SuperDuper tried to clone or copy the entire hard drive. The Flash Drive filled up before SuperDuper copied the actual files I want copied.

What am I doing wrong with the set up that is creating this problem?

2. I deleted the unwanted files from the Flash Drive in the hope of running the script file again.

Now my OSX 10.3.7 computer will not even recognize the Flash Drive. This problem occurred immediately after using SuperDuper.

Did SuperDuper create this problem?

Does anyone have any idea how to get my computer to recognize the Flash Drive as it did previously?


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