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You were correct about why the Flash Drive was not recognized. The Flash was not in the correct format. That has been fixed and SD! now recognizes both drives.

The script commands I used did not include the *.* notation. I used the commands included in the SD! script tool. I merely used the *.* notation when posting to you to identfy that it was all files that were missing.

I fixed the problem by deleting the old script and making a new script. For reasons I don't understand this fixed the issue.

I have one remaining open issue. One Flash Drive works fine for Backup. The second drive appears to go through the entire backup process properly. But when I look at the drive in Finder no files are shown. However, the MB used appear to show that the correct files have been copied.

I have reformatted this drive twice and always get the same result.

Why would the backed up files not show on this second drive?


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