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mach-o, but wrong architecture\cf0 \

this is the cryptic message I get when trying to use SuperDuper! [2.7.1 (91)] to clone my boot drive [OS 10.5.8] to a disk image:
Error loading [...] VirtualPCDiskImagePlugin, no suitable image found.
Did find [...] VirtualPCDiskImagePlugin: mach-o, but wrong architecture\cf0 \

I've checked that feature 3 times, each time with a different storage option - to no avail... same error!
  • exactly what does the error message mean?
  • and what does that \cf0 \ (space included) stands for knowing this is not a context where there is a need to escape control chars, nor a twisted M$ Windows path expression?
  • and, most importantly, how can I get the right architecture?
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