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Old 06-28-2006, 01:32 PM
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Originally Posted by dnanian
PPC Macs [...] can recognize and back up to GUID volumes, but you can't boot from them.

If the bootability isn't a big deal (to me, it is, since it means I can test my backups and get up much faster), then you can partition as GUID, format the PC one with NTFS (which can't be written to by the Mac, but that shouldn't be a problem), the Mac side with HFS+, and be all set.
Ah. Yeah, bootability is a big deal to me too. And I assume by your reply that I can't "partition as APM" and then format the 'other' partition as NTFS (or alternatively, from the PC, do an FDISK, or whatever the equivalent is now on Windows XP, and then format the 'other' partition as APM or HFS+ from the Mac)?

You could keep the drive attached to the Mac, format as HFS+, and share it with the PC using SMB/Windows Sharing.
This doesn't work for us because her laptop is gone most of the day with her when I would be around and (potentially) needing the external drive. Plus, I'd really like for her daily to be bootable. Sounds like we need to spend more money and get her her own 120 GB drive or somesuch.

(Remember -- you can boot from a full image backup once restored, just not directly.)
Yes, this is why I was going to do her weeklies / monthlies (running them all from her machine using SD! of course) as images (or sparses?), myself. Then, she just does the simple thing (push the button) on a daily basis. But I really wanted her to be able to boot from this if disaster strikes. As it is (with your first, non-bootable, solution), we would have to boot from her OS X DVD/CD, then try to copy the image back over from the firewire drive--and if her internal G4 laptop drive is fried, we're stuck at that point. At least, until we get her another drive (I say this because I'm assuming that there's no way to 'convert'--even if I don't need any of my PC data on it at that point and would be willing to throw it away to get her up and running again--that there's no way to 'convert' the external firewire drive to a bootable drive with the image(s) that are on the drive already, right?). (I suppose that maybe I could copy the image file onto my PC's internal hard drive (from the firewire drive), then we re-format the whole firewire drive as HFS+ using the Mac's DVD/CD drive and then could I copy back the image to the firewire drive, thereby making it bootable for her until the new drive shows up for her laptop? But even if theoretically possible, this isn't giving me a warm fuzzy feeling...)

If you have any other ideas (to save us from the 2nd hard drive or buying her an Intel Mac!), but still get me my fantasy, I'm all ears.

Thanks, and great 'seeing you' here too! ~ Brad
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