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Old 12-10-2006, 11:38 PM
sfm sfm is offline
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Angry New MacBook C2D w/ OSX v10.4.8 crashes SD.

I just got a new MacBook 2 GHz Intel Core2Duo, which came with OSX v10.4.8 installed. SD v2.1.3 crashes on it, just like it does on the MacBook 2GHz Intel CoreDuo with OSX v10.4.8, which I described in my deeply buried message within the "SD crashes w/ 10.4.8..." thread (a copy is below.)

As before, it varies as to whether just SD itself crashes, or it crashes all the way back to the finder login screen.

I did try the hint about minimizing the SD window while backing up, and that got me all the way through one Intel & 10.4.8 backup so far.

I hope Apple gets this fixed in OSX v10.4.9 - soon?

(BTW, other things have crashed periodically, too - I presume also because of whatever the Apple CoreGraphics issue is.)

OSX v10.4.8 and G4 PPC machines work fine with SD 2.1.3, as do Intel machines with OSX v10.4.7, in my experience.


Previous long message.

10-29-2006, 10:05 AM

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Reinstall of OSX doesn't help (completed post)

MacBook 2GhZ; 2 GB RAM, purchased 3 weeks ago.

MacBook came with OSX v10.4.6. SD v2.1.3 worked fine.
Apple Software Update (ASU) to v10.4.7. SD v2.1.3 worked fine.
ASU JSE and Quicktime. SD v2.1.3 works fine.

ASU to v10.4.8. SD v2.1.3 no longer works - crashes SD itself, with crash report, and/or crashes all the way back to the finder login, with no crash report.

(also had similar crashes of TextEdit and Microsoft Office Word 2004 (with latest updates.))

Reported to Shirt Pocket and Apple (they didn't seem to like it much that both one of their apps and a Microsoft app also crashed, probably because it points toward an Apple problem.)

Did all the Apple suggestions (PMMU etc. etc.), and also deleted SD preferences and downloaded another SD copy. SD still crashes.

Archive and reinstall v10.4.6.
ASU to v10.4.7.
ASU JSE and Quicktime. SD v2.1.3 works.

ASU fan firmware update.
Combo update to v10.4.8. SD v2.1.3 crashes again.

Archive and reinstall v10.4.6.
Delete previous system folder.
Combo update directly to v10.4.8. SD v2.1.3 crashes again, although it makes it 99% of the way through a full backup before crashing, the farthest so far.
ASU JSE and Quicktime. SD v2.1.3 still crashes.

Archive and reinstall v10.4.6 again.
Delete previous system folder.
ASU JSE and Quicktime.
Combo update to v10.4.7. SD v2.1.3 works again.

(I also tried backing up using a USB connection to my external backup hard drive, instead of my normal firewire connection. No change - SD still crashes.)

I'll stop fiddling now...

I observed one thing that may or may not be helpful to diagnose this issue further:

1. I have multiple hard drives that I backup to. After discovering that I needed to partition using the GUID format, not the APM format, to make a bootable Intel backup, I did that. I have noticed that the original names that I give to the partition that I'm attempting to backup to are usually CHANGED after the attempted backup. A space and the number 1 is added to the end of that partition name, - the changed name is visible in the SD drive list, and in the Disk Utility partition list on the left, but NOT in the Disk Utility partition name when I go to the partition tab, and NOT in the finder. Weird.

Also, if you have multiple computers and hard drives, I discovered that I can make a backup of the MacBook with OSX v10.4.8 installed using SD v2.1.3 on another computer, in this kludged way:

1. Start up from one of my other PowerBooks, with OSX v10.4.8.

2. Connect to the MacBook (with OSX v10.4.8) in the firewire target disk mode.

3. Chain a backup hard drive with another firewire cable.

4. Use SD v2.1.3 and select the firewire target mode MacBook as the backup source, and the backup firewire hard drive as the destination.

5. Backup completes, although more slowly than when doing it directly from the source MacBook drive itself (if using OSX v10.4.7, since SD 2.1.3 crashes with v10.4.8 on the MacBook, as described above.)
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