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Old 03-07-2008, 02:46 PM
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Partitioning to clone drive *and* archive data?

Hi Dave. Iíll be brief. Iíve got a (Tiger 10.4.11) G4 laptop with an 80 GB drive and two external drives -- 80 and 250 GBs. Obviously the 80-to-80 is a straight clone. I want to partition the 250 to archive photographs and word docs in the section not used as the 2nd clone. I need to archive about 50 GB of data so I can free up the internal drive (12 GB available, with probably 1.5 GB in-camera waiting to go in; not wise to drop below 10 GB on the internal drive for stabilityís-sake, is it?). So:

1. Should the size of the partition on the 250 be the same 80 GB size as the internal drive or should it be a little bit bigger? 80/170 is right?
2. Do I need to partition it at all? A MacBar guy said I didnít need to unless there were multiple users, but then how would archiving the data work? (Wouldnít want to overwrite 8,000 unique photos.)
3. The 250 drive was already formatted and a clone of the internal drive saved out to it once, so it would have to be reformatted, partitioned, and re-saved to the new locations. Any issues involved with that?
4. Is the Sandbox feature something that should be used in archiving data? I canít quite grasp the relationship, if there is one, between a clone of the internal drive, an archival storage area, and the Sandbox.

Iíve spent several hours recently reading threads and the PDF and havenít seen the issue of partitioning for the purposes of cloning *and* archiving to free up the internal drive flatly addressed. Itís doubtless a very common situation. Did I miss this in the threads and manual?

Youíve got a very together operation going on here, Dave. Thanks.
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